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Magnetti Marelli

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

The M145 units used in the Granturismo were made by Magnetti Marelli and also used in Peugeot and Citroen Cars. The Model number designation is RT4 and comes in two different hardware versions (HW7 and HW8). The latter version is installed in cars from 2009 onwards and all Granturismo 4.7 cars (MC Shift and S plus Stradale). The most common problem with the NIT units is that the hard drive over times degrades (it is mechanical after all). This is where we can help by providing a brand new OEM Hitachi Hard drive with a stock image for both variants. All drives supplied are issued with a three month warrant.y.

The problem manifests itself with freezing, loop booting, white screen and stuck trident logos. Sometimes the screen remains white or will eventually boot after an hour or so into the journey. These are all signs that a new hard drive is required.

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